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Other excellent reasons to join our team of contract professionals:
  • Rewarding and challenging contract positions
  • Ability to work with some of the most reputable energy companies in the world
  • Opportunities available across all disciplines

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Responding to Posted Job Opening
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Our Commitment to Job Seekers
Job Seekers Choose AEI

Responding to Posted Job Openings

To respond to a specific position posted on the AEI website and to ads posted on other job boards, PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME BY EMAIL DIRECTLY to the Recruiter designated in the job posting. Your resume will be carefully reviewed by an experienced and knowledgeable professional Recruiter relative to the specific job posting prompting your inquiry. It is not necessary to Register with AEI to be considered for posted jobs, but it is recommended so that you can be considered for future opportunities. Once you are registered in our private database, you will be considered for Direct Hire and Contract positions.
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AEI Contract Professionals is obligated to its clients to present the most qualified candidates for each position. The most qualified candidates are those whose career objectives, knowledge, skills and abilities align very closely with the clients' requirements for each specific position. Our experienced Recruiters have a deep understanding of client requirements for each position and will carefully assess your resume to determine the potential for a match. If there is a potential match for this position to similar job openings that may not be posted, the Recruiter will contact you for discussion.

Not interested in currently posted positions?

When you review AEI jobs posted on various websites and don't see a current opening that is of interest to you, then please Register your resume in our private database for consideration for future opportunities. At any given time, we may not have a job opening that would be of interest to you. However, that can change quickly because new positions open up every day. Our Recruiters routinely search our database for candidates. If you are registered in our private database, it will help us find you.

How Registration will benefit you

When you Register in our private database, you can choose to be automatically alerted by email to new positions that have potential to align with your professional background and job search objectives. Upon receiving an email alert, review the position profile. If it appears interesting and you would like to be considered, then contact the designated Recruiter listed in the job posting. Plus, if you register for contract assignments with AEIPros, it is not necessary to re-register with Piper Morgan Associates to make your resume searchable for direct hire opportunities.

Our Commitment to Job Seekers

AEI Contract Professionals is committed to carefully reviewing each resume it receives. Every effort will be made to review your resume the same day it is received. If we determine there is not a reasonable fit for the position you responded to, your resume will be retained for review with each new similar job opening. Please know that time limitations don't permit us to respond if we determine there isn't a fit for a position currently open. AEI is constantly receiving requests for new talent from our clients. Your expertise and experience are very important to us. Our goal is to assist you in every way we can to achieve your career objectives when there is a reasonable match with a client's job opening.
  • Manage our relationship in an honest and candid way and with respect for your privacy
  • Review your resume as soon as practical, preferably the same day it is received
  • Effectively present your qualifications to the client
  • Prepare you for interviewing so you will be at the top of your game
  • Provide guidance throughout the interview process to help achieve your objectives
  • Communicate promptly on all matters of material concern

Job Seekers Choose AEI

AEI Contract Professionals is your connection to some of the most respected energy companies and technically challenging projects worldwide. Talented professionals remain with AEI because of our superior career placement, great working environments, career advancement opportunities, competitive wages and benefits. We look for people who embrace challenge and an opportunity to exercise their skills and achieve their professional goals. AEI Contract Professionals represents you with integrity and honesty, and will always value your unique skills and individual experience. AEI provides job opportunities based on the candidate's best interest and career goals, while always including principles of diversity in our recruitment process. Working at AEI means building your career and being part of a respected team.

What Employees Say

"AEI has given me a new outlook on my career. With their extensive client base, available jobs and friendly staff, I was able to get a job quicker than ever before. AEI has been loyal to me and kept me working on some of the most challenging and fulfilling projects. I will continue to work contract work for AEI for many years to come."

Join the Talented Individuals of AEI

As an AEI employee, you're part of a select group of professionals. We work with leading companies in the energy sector around the United States. Our clients rely on us to meet their staffing needs. As a part of the AEI team, you contribute to America's energy security while building value in your career. We can help develop your career by matching your skills and needs to the best positions available, based on decades of experience with energy companies.

Working With AEI
Other excellent reasons to join our team of contract professionals:
  • Competitive pay and benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • We effectively communicate your career goals to clients
  • We are trusted career advisors and expert interview coaches

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