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HSE Staffing & Performance Improvement Processes

As the leading provider of contract professionals and technical recruiting in the energy industry, AEI is committed to providing an injury-free workplace and establishing a professional environment for our employees and clients.

Our comprehensive HSE Performance Improvement Processes involves providing HSE contract professionals to our clients, delivering HSE consulting services, and conducting on-going training for our staff. Together, these fundamental business practices enhance the health and safety of our employees and our clients' operations.

AEI's HSE Staffing & Performance Improvement Processes include the following practices:
  • HSE contract professionals: AEI places HSE contract professionals on projects and long-term assignments with clients, providing a flexible yet effective source of professional HSE talent. Our HSE contract professionals are the top performers in the industry, possessing exceptional training and extensive experience in industrial operations. Some of AEI's contract professionals consist of
    • Safety Engineers
    • Process Safety Engineers
    • Safety Representatives
    • Safety Technicians
    • HSE Generalists
    • HSE Compliance Representatives
    • Air, Water & Soil Subject Matter Experts
    • Incident Investigators
    • Security Representatives

  • HSE training and best-practices: Internally, AEI applies HSE best-practices for our office staff and contract professionals. All our employees are required to take regular HSE training and demonstrate effective knowledge of our HSE policies. Our HSE Performance Improvement Process ensures that all AEI employees possess the requisite knowledge, resources and leadership qualities to work in an injury-free environment, while protecting the employees and communities of our client companies. All of the AEI placements of contract positions and HSE consulting professions are required to participate in HSE training as part of a new-hire orientation.

  • HSE Performance Improvement Processes: AEI provides customized HSE programs specifically for each client that addresses organizational barriers by focusing on Change Implementation, Incident Learning and Effective Training. The HSE Performance Improvement Processes are lead by Richard F. Smullen, Jr., P.E., who has a 41-year track record of integrating innovative health, safety and environmental management strategies into profitable business practices. His experience includes developing leadership, improving staff performance and implementing cost-effective HSE practices. Contact AEI today to learn how our HSE Performance Improvement Processes can reduce risk and enhance business performance.
Click on the links below to view and/or download the AEI Employee HSE Manual and the HSE Presentation, which provides an overview of the HSE Performance Improvement Processes. Then, take the HSE online quiz to test your knowledge of the HSE Performance Improvement Processes.
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