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AEI Contract Professionals, based in Houston, Texas, is a leading contract staff augmentation firm specializing in the energy industry. We provide highly skilled professional, engineering and business talent for short and long-term projects. Our work spans all segments of the energy sector, including oil and gas exploration and production, energy transmission and storage, refining, chemicals and power. With approximately 20 years of experience working in all sectors of the energy industry, AEI has built long-standing client relationships by offering outstanding customer service, highly qualified employees, and good benefit plans to ensure staff continuity on long-term projects. Our services include...
  • Contract professionals for large capital, plant turnaround and maintenance projects
  • Exemplary talent sourced from our extensive database for miscellaneous corporate projects and ongoing business operations
  • Conversion of contractors to direct-hire
Our dedicated quality professionals can instantly increase project capacity, enabling project deadlines to be cost-effectively met. Using AEI, our clients enjoy access to quality talent without adding full-time employees to their payroll, while completing their projects faster and with greater reliability.

For direct-hire assistance, Piper-Morgan Associates, our affiliate, is an award winning
direct-hire professional and technical firm concentrating in the energy and chemical industries. Piper-Morgan continues to be a major resource for its clients since opening in 1977. For more information, visit our Direct Hire Affiliate: Piper-Morgan.

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